5th June 2020

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18th September

A message from the VMARS Public Relations Officer

The VMARS stand at an earlier National Hamfest event

Many of you will know that on Friday 27th and Sat 28th VMARS once again will be involved with the National Hamfest located at the Newark show grounds see info below:

Many VMARS members take advantage and attend this prestigious ham radio event, taking the opportunity to visit not one but two areas of the show pertinent to the Society, On hand this year there will be at least Four Committee members, and at least 3 ordinary members assisting with the proceedings not only in the main hall but with the live radio/vehicle displays.

If you are planning to come along please consider spelling one of the team so that might take a comfort break or have a quick 30 minute run around the show, you know how busy it can be, and it's always nice to get that time

On Friday morning the 27th, We hope to be able to do our normal thing of running an impromptu net on 3.615Khz +/- subject to QRM from 0800hrs till approx 0900hrs, this will then allow us to go off and be involved with other duties

On Saturday in keeping with recent years, and to have maximum interest from the passing public, we would ask to run the Saturday morning VMARS net from Newark and I see fortuitously that Bronek M0DAF is rota for that day, whether we use the Society call sign M0VMW is to be decided,  but as always your support and cooperation is needed

Hoping to see lots of faces once again

Stuart G0TBI

7th September 2019

VMARS Annual General Meeting
Photographs taken at the AGM held in the REME museum at the Ministry of Defence site, Lyneham, Wiltshire on Saturday 7th September. A thoroughly enjoyable day which will be reported in full in the VMARS News Sheet distributed to all members.

Members of the VMARS Committee with Chairman Tony Barron, G3YYH, addressing the meeting


Some of the VMARS members attending the AGM

Enjoying lunch in the dining room at Lyneham


6th September 2019

 Royal Air Force Fairford 75th Anniversary 

On 6th September the United States Air Force based at RAF Fairford celebrated the 75th anniversary year of the establishment of the airfield which opened in February 1944. It was used by British and American Airborne units as a base for launching glider and parachute troops on D-Day 6th June 1944 and for the Arnhem assault in September 1944.

Currently used as a European Forward Operational Base by the USAF, on 6th September this year it was home to detachments from squadrons based in the United States and Europe operating out of Fairford on excercise. An impressive fleet consisting of B52 and icononic B2 stealth bombers were joined by a U2 spy plane for the exercise, which coincided with the planned 75th anniversary arrangements at the base. Some 400 civilians and 120 UK military personel were invited to attend the event, which was not open to the public, including VMARS Chairman Tony Barron, G3YYH. Tony was invited to set up a display of wireless equipment  from the WW2 era and commandeered Martin Smyth, M0MGA to assist him with assembling three Wireless Sets No.46 used by Beach Masters on D-Day , a Wireless Set TR1196 used in heavy bombers as a low power RT set for voice communications with other aircraft and airfields,and especially for putting out "Darkie" calls requesting help when lost and unable to find a landing site. An operational T1154/R1155 aircraft station completed the display and this was connected up to an inverted V aerial mounted on Tony's Landrover parked on the apron outside the hanger for comms on 3615Khz the frequency regularly used by AM users in the UK. . 

The following photographs were taken at the event.          

Tony Barron, G3YYH, operating the WW2 T1154/R1155 wireless set

Tony, G3YYH and Martin, M0MGA admiring their equipment display

Martin Smyth, M0MGA, operating a WW2 Wireless Set No. 46 used on beach and airborne landings


Tony, G3YYH with the local Mayor and his wife

Tony & Martin with the owners of an ex  Army Air Corps Auster AOP (Air Observation Post) which was one of several privately owned vintage aircraft flown into Fairford for the 75th anniversary event.
Photgraph courtesy of USAF Fairford.

B52 bomber on detachment to RAF Fairford

Two of the eight engines on a B52

A rarely seen profile of the B2 stealth bomber

A B2 stealth  bomber costing $2.1 Billion. The USAF has 20 of them.

B2 stealth bomber with one of the attendant armed guards

Line up of vintage military vehicles

"Pink Panther" - ex SAS desert patrol vehicle

Nice looking radio equipped Jeep

The BC-1306 installed inside the Jeep. The set was later developed into the famous GRC-9 used in the Vietnam War

14th June 2019

75th D-Day Anniversary special nets a success.
View details of the Normandy stations involved and news photographs of the event by clicking here.

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   15th April 2019

The latest VMARS vintage equipment auction was held on Saturday 13th April at Baginton near Coventry. Photographs taken at the event are shown below.

VMARS organise four or five private auctions a year which are open to attendance by members and their personal guests. Auctions are notified to members in the monthly News Sheet along with a full illustrated catalogue of items to be sold. A list of the prices achieved at auction is also published in the monthly News Sheet.

Planned auction dates can be viewed on this website under the EVENTS heading.


   7th March 2019


The VMARS Committee have released the date and location of the 20th Annual General Meeting

       Corps of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers


The VMARS Committee have announced that the date of the 2019 Annual General Meeting is to be Saturday 7th September and will be located at the recently opened REME museum at the former Royal Air Force station Lyneham in Wiltshire. The museum opened in June 2017 after reloacting from its previous site at Arborfield. This years AGM marks 20 years since the formation of the Vintage & Military Amateur Radio Society at the inaugral meeting held at Station X, Bletchley Park in 1999. From that date the Society has continued to grow and currently has around 550 paid up members.


Details about the REME museum can be viewed on THIS LINK

3rd February 2019

VMARS Quarterley SIGNAL journal is due out shortly. 

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8th December 2018


Special Heathkit Equipment Net held today
Paul Craven, M1PVC located in East Sussex, ran a succesful Heathkit equipment net from 07:30 to 08:30 GMT today on 3615Khz.. Early stages of the net were blighted by severe QRM from  SSB stations which appeared on the frequency after the net had started but which had cleared by about 08:00, after which conditions were excellent. In the latter part of the net all stations were hearing each other well and the station in SW France was heard 59+15 in the UK at a distance of 750Km.

Heathkit stations which appeared on the net were F4WCD 70Km NE of Bordeaux, G3YYH Cheltenham, M0MGA Whitehill Hampshire, F4VSC 75Km E of Brest, G3TSK Minehead, G3VTD Pontefract, G3XGW Evesham, G0FGX Helston, G6TVJ Bristol, MW0FZY Swansea and G4EJM in Stoke on Trent.. Heathkit equipments in use were  1 DX100B,  7 DX100U, 2 DX60U, 3 DX40U transmitters and 1 SB200 linear amplifier.   


The DX100B transmitter and Collins 75A-4 receiver station used on the net by Richard F4WCD, located in South West France

4th December 2018

The November edition of the VMARS quarterly technical publication Signal is being distributed to members.

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3rd October 2018

VMARS at the National Hamfest in Newark Showground

On Friday and Saturday 28th & 29th September VMARS attended the  National Hamfest held at the Newark showground in Nottinghamshire. The informative VMARS stand has become a regular point of interest at the annual event and it attracted a constant stream of visitors, many of who expressed an interest in the continued resurgence of vintage and military equipment restoration and use on air. 

The VMARS outside military equipment display was in full operation throughout the two days of the show. Many contacts were made using ex-British Army Clansman 321 and 320 transceivers operated from the back of a LandRover located in the grounds outside the exhibition hall. As well as contacts with many UK stations VMARS members working from the Netherlands and from France were among those communicating with the station.

Ex Royal Signaller and VMARS Membership Secretary Ron Swinburne, M0WSM/P operating the portable station from the back of his LandRover at the National Hamfest Show


To view the 10 minute interview with Stuart G0TBI and Bronek M0DAF click here or on the photograph above

VMARS Public Relations Officer Stuart McKinnon being interviewed on the VMARS stand inside the show hall.


A very fine home brew transmitter exhibited on the VMARS display stand. Among its aims and objectives, VMARS strongly encourages the home construction of AM equipment. Members regularly appear on the 80m Saturday morning Amplitude Modulation nets operating their home constructed equipment.


An underside view of  the equipment.


The VMARS stand in the hall at the 2018 National Hamfest

8th September 2018

2018 VMARS Annual General Meeting

The 19th Annual General Meeting of the Vintage and Military Amateur Radio Society was held on Saturday 8th September at the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yoevilton, Somerset. Attending members have reported an excellent meeting and museum visit and an altogether enjoyable gathering of members and families. A full report of the day will be published in the next monthly edition of the Society News Sheet.

To learrn more about this particular exhibit at the Fleet Air Arm museum click on the photograph

During the AGM visit to the museum, VMARS member Peter Jones, G8CDC, takes the opportunity to be photographed alongside this very early 1944 prototype de Havilland Sea Vampire jet fighter exhibit, one of the many aircraft types that Peter has flown during his long aviation career


22nd August 2018

Issue 48 SIGNAL August edition

The latest edition of SIGNAL is now with the printer and will be distributed by post to all members soon. Here is a preview of the front page index.

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21st August 2018

VMARS Annual General Meeting - 8th September

Image result for fleet air aRM MUSEUM The VMARS 2018 AGM will be held at the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum in Somerset on Saturday 8th September. The meeting will commence at 11:00hrs and is open to all members. Because the museum is located on the military airfield site of Royal Naval Air Station Yoevilton, it is necessary for all attendees to register their names and vehicle numbers with the VMARS Public Relations Officer, Stuart McKinnon, as soon as possible as these details are required to be passed to the RNAS Yoevilton security section prior to the event. Details can be sent directly to Stuart or e-mailed to
Arrivals at the museum are admitted from 0930hrs. Tea, coffee and biscuits, etc. from 10.00am. Refreshments, lunch and entry to the Museum will be provided by VMARS. Following the meeting there will be ample opportunity for members to explore this excellent museum.

For a museum preview, click here to have a look at their website

The AGM location address is RNAS Yeovilton, Ilchester BA22 8HT.


3rd July 2018

Another VMARS Auction Sale coming soon.

The next VMARS vintage & military equipment sale takes place on Saturday 21st July at Baginton Village Hall, Frances Road, Baginton, Coventry CV8 3AB from 10.00 a.m.–4.00 p.m. The event is not open to the public but members are welcome to bring guests. Members wishing to place auction bids should register for a bidding card on arrival at the venue . Lunch is provided free of charge and members are advised to pre-order with Anne, M3TBI.

Items on sale include a Murphy B40 Admiralty receiver, Wireless Set No.18 accessories, Larkspur SRA41 manpack, BC611 walkie-talkie, RCA AR88 receiver, Edystone receivers and other equipment, along with a host of test equipment, spares, transformers, cables and accessories. For a full auction list and additional information please refer to the June news letter recently distributed to all members.

Scene from an earlier auction

15th May 2018

The May 2018 edition of SIGNAL is due out shortly. Here is a preview of the front page.

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5th April 2018

The latest edition of SIGNAL is due out shortly. Here is a preview of the front page.

10th March 2018

On Saturday 10th March VMARS organised a special net for classic equipment from the 1950's and 1960's. The net took place on the usual 3615Khz frequency used regularly by Society members and AM enthusiasts throughout the U.K. The net opened at 07:30 GMT with VMARS Chairman Tony Barron, G3YYH, at the helm as the net controller. Band conditions were very good and an interesting selection of classic equipment was heard on air. The net closed at 08:30 when the frequency was handed over to the VMARS net controller for  the usual Saturday morning AM net. A recording of the classic equipment net can be heard by clicking here.

The following report of the classic net was submitted by F4VSC in central Brittany, who was running a Collins KWS-1 transmitter with an RA17 MkII receiver on the net.

1960 Heathkit DX100U transmitter
Listen to the net

As well as the weekly Saturday AM nets, VMARS organises a series of occasional special nets throughout the year for various types of vintage and military equipment . Anyone who wishes to join VMARS organised nets with their own equipment, regardless of whether they are a VMARS member or not, is welcome to call in and give their transmitter an airing. For details of the regular nets organise by VMARS please select this link and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

6th January 2018

On Saturday 13th January at 07:30hrs

UK time, VMARS will be hosting a special one hour Amplitude Modulation net for historic airborne equipment on 3615Khz.  The net will cover the one hour period just before the regular VMARS Saturday A.M. net takes place at 08:30. Anyone  able to put a piece of airborne equipment on air, whether a VMARS member or not, is most welcome to join in. If you don't have a siutable airborne transmitter and only have a receiver such as an R1155, feel free to join in with any A.M. transmitter and tell us about your receiver. If you can only receive, just listen to the net and enjoy hearing these wonderful wireless sets in full cry, some dating back 75 years or more. It is expected that several WW2 Marconi T1154/R1155's, Collins ART13's, Command sets, Bendix TA12's and others will be in evidence on the day.

The Net Controller for this event is Paul Craven, M1PVC. These occasional special nets have proved to be quite popular in the past and in order to facilitate the maximum number of stations in the limited time available, participants are requested keep their transmission overs short and limited to descriptions of the equipment and other related information such as historical operational use. Please avoid lists of signal reports as these frequently tend to take up significant time. 

Please join in if you can and enjoy the net.

Airborne Equipment Net on 3615Khz

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