the quarterly flagship technical journal of VMARS

Signal is the Society’s ‘technical’ publication, typically 40 pages in length. The Editor invites contributions to Signal both from Members and non-members. The Society does not pay authors for their contributions, but the copyright remains with authors, and so they are free to publish their work elsewhere if they so wish. As far as possible, Signal publishes original contributions, but the Editor will consider material which has already appeared in print elsewhere provided that its publication in Signal does not infringe copyright, and is regarded to be of benefit to VMARS Members when made available in this way. Authors who are non-members will receive a complimentary copy of the issue of the Journal in which their article has appeared.

A date Index of articles published in SIGNAL can be viewed on this link.

Editorial policy is for Signal to reflect the wide range of Members’ interests, as described under the ‘Aims of the Society’, and the Editor may solicit articles if that distribution of content becomes seriously skewed. Nevertheless, the content is defined by contributions received, and the expertise of the authors.

The Society also produces a Monthly News Sheet


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