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Vintage & Military Equipment information 
Clansman VRC321 VOGAD Modification   Reference November edition of SIGNAL, Issue 37 - Modification to greatly improve transmitted AM modulation level - Martin Smythe M0MGA
RadioNerds - Excellent site for information in an extensive list of American radio, radar and ancillary equipment

The Bunker - The recovery of an ET-4336 transmitter as featured in VMARS newsletter issue 9

British Army
Royal Signals Museum - Located at the Royal School of Signals, Blandford, Dorset, UK.
The Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society - Membership of The Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society (RSARS) is open to anyone interested in amateur radio and who has completed service with the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom or certain other countries or is currently serving.

Royal Navy
Bunting Tossers - The story of HMS Venomous. Some nice anecdotes and photographs and descriptions of the W/T equipment on board

Royal Air Force
RAF Henlow Signals Museum - Pictures and info on this museum.

Private Interesting Sites
VMARS Member Keith Yates Website   Lots of interesting and helpful facts about Keith's station
Wireless for the Warrior - A most informative and user friendly site, this is the website of Louis Meulstee ("Wireless for the Warrior") - Dave Ross's Military Radio Pages. - Collins gear.
G4NCE - The homepage of G4NCE's site, featuring his extensive collection of military radio equipment.
Clem's Wireless Set No. 11 Page   - WS11 Information from VK3CYD
Signals Collection '40 - '45  -  Paul Bodifee's collection in Daventer, Holland
G3YUH -Amateur Radio lives on, and the story of the rescue of another RT320 from destruction. Also Ron's WS18 project.
LA6NCA - A remarkable collection of German wireless equipment from WW2 (Norwegian language)

Clubs, Societies & Interest Groups
Some hardly known aspects of German military communications  A link to the Defence Electronics History Society paper published on the internet.
SRS (Surplus Radio Society) - In Dutch, with a fair sprinkling of English, and with many Links relevant to VMARS.

Eddystone Users Group - All things Eddystone including many downloadable manuals.
Historic US Navy site - US Navy communications in the 1950s and 1960s, by K4NYW  - Swiss vintage military radio site.
IRMA - Inventory of old military French radio sets from 1900 - 1960

Vintage Avionics - the AN/ARN21
Radista - A web presentation of radio and other telecommunications equipment used by the Yugoslav People's army from 1945 to 1991.

The AM Window.  - Amateur AM in the States. - All you need to know about valves or 'tubes'.

Code & Cipher
Crypto Machine Menu page  - If you are interested in Cypher, try this one.
Bletchley Park - The home of 'Station X', Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society, Colossus and a whole lot of other fascinating exhibits.

Museums & Historical
AmericanRadioHistory.Com   A wealth of interesting historical information about vintage radio. Well worth a visit.
Wireless World: Marconi & the making of radio  Nice website about Marconi's contribution to the development and use of wireless and radio
The EF50, the Tube that helped to Win the War  This is a brilliant website about the famous EF50  - The Wireless Sets No.19 pages. Just has to be the page for the enthusiasts of the most famous of all military radios. - Heathkit Virtual Museum.
The National Valve Museum - A virtual museum of the Valve, with information on the rebuilding of "Colossus", and data sheets on many types. Well worth a look. - A large collection of information operated from Switzerland by  HB9RXQ
Canadian Museum site of SPARC - Society for the Preservation of Antique Radio in Canada
Thorpe Camp Radio Museum  - Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, location of M0TCM.
Museum of Radar and Communications   - HMS Collingwood.
The Kurrajong Radio Museum  - Another site from 'Down Under'
Jan Corver Museum. - Cypher machines and Vintage Radio.
RKK -Museum - Russian Radio Museum in Moscow
Personal Museum of Military Radio - Spy Radio - Tubes by Antonio Fucci Fano (Italy)
Tatjana van Vark Collection - includes V Bomber H2SMk9A and Navigation, Bombing and Computer NBC - All you need to know about valves or 'tubes'.

Government & Commercial
Canadian Marconi Company - Documentation of Radio Equipment produced by the Canadian Marconi Company during the valve era.
The Heathkit Story - A Heathkit enthusiast's site in English and Swedish.
SRDE  - Technical history of SRDE - a UK Government establishment for research and development of 
military communications.

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