Unofficial Public VMARS Group on Yahoo
It is with regret that the VMARS Committee have been compelled to make this public statement in order to correct the deliberate misrepresentation of the Vintage & Military Amateur Radio Society by a former member of the Society. VMARS owns two official Yahoo Groups which are for members only and are not accessible by the public. They are the VMARS-Members Yahoo Group, for technical discussion and the VMARS-Collector Group, for equipment trading and exchanges between Members. VMARS does not own a public discussion Yahoo Group and the membership of such a group does not confer individual membership of the Society onto anyone who joins it. Please see the link at the bottom of this page for the correct VMARS membership details.

There is a public discussion group on Yahoo that misleadingly calls itself the Vintage & Military Amateur Radio Society. The group is run by a former VMARS founder member who was expelled from the Society in 2009 by an overwhelming majority vote of VMARS Members at an Extraordinary General Meeting and it has no connection with this, the original and only official Vintage & Military Amateur Radio Society.

The owner of the Yahoo discussion group makes the following untrue statement on his Yahoo Group

"I set this list up originally (2005) to serve the Vintage & Military Amateur Radio Society (VMARS). That society failed in 2009 and was shut down. A new version of the same society started up shortly afterwards, but bears little relation to the original society, and has nothing to do with this list whatsoever (apart from having the same name)".

For the avoidance of doubt, the Society wishes to make it clear that VMARS did not fail and it was not shut down in 2009 and then restart shortly after, as untruthfully stated on the public Yahoo Group. VMARS has remained in continual existence since its foundation at Bletchley Park in 1999 and there has never been an EGM motion, as required by the VMARS Constitution, to close the Society. The original founding principles in the Constitution of the Society, the Society bankers and our RSGB affiliation remain unaltered from the date of our formation. VMARS has continued to prosper and our membership has gone from strength to strength.

VMARS Members continue to involve themselves in all aspects of vintage and military wireless communications, field telephones, RADAR, avionics , control  and support equipment . The Society  welcomes new members whose interests are in this field and who wish to pursue the enjoyment of the hobby. An exploration of this website will provide an insight into the wide range of interests and activities enjoyed by our membership, which is now over 500 in number.

For details about VMARS membership and a downloadable membership application form please click this link.
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