Special Interest Groups - SIGS

VMARS encourages Members with specific interests within the wider field of vintage and military equipment to form small groups where information can be exchanged. In order to provide opportunities for groups to publicise specific activities within the Society and to a wider audience on the internet, the VMARS website now has an additional menu item for Special Interest Groups. Members who have already formed themselves into informal interest groups and who would like to register themselves with the Society as SIGS in order to take advantage of this facility are invited to submit details of their areas of interest to the VMARS Website for inclusion in this section.
SIGS might have a devotion to specific equipment types such as the Collins 618T transceiver, a transmission mode such as CW, or to a wider interest in radar. Whatever VMARS Members areas  of shared interests, provided that they meet with the aims of the Society they will be eligible for inclusion in our website under the SIGS menu heading. Submissions should be formatted ready for publication and can be sent in Word or Adobe Acrobat format.

Please note that website publication is available only to VMARS Members. For details on joining the Society  please click here - VMARS membership

Collins 618T SIGS
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