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3rd July 2018

Another VMARS Auction Sale coming soon.

The next VMARS vintage & military equipment sale takes place on Saturday 21st July at Baginton Village Hall, Frances Road, Baginton, Coventry CV8 3AB from 10.00 a.m.–4.00 p.m.
The event is not open to the public but members are welcome to bring guests. Members wishing to place auction bids should register for a bidding card on arrival at the venue . Lunch is provided free of charge and members are advised to pre-order with Anne, M3TBI.
Scene from an earlier auction
Items on sale include a Murphy B40 Admiralty receiver, Wireless Set No.18 accessories, Larkspur SRA41 manpack, BC611 walkie-talkie, RCA AR88 receiver, Edystone receivers and other equipment, along with a host of test equipment, spares, transformers, cables and accessories. For a full auction list and additional information please refer to the June news letter recently distributed to all members.

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15th May 2018

The May 2018 edition of SIGNAL is due out shortly. Here is a preview of the front page.

Click here to view the full size front page index

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10th March 2018

1960 Heathkit DX100U transmitter
Listen to the net

On Saturday 10th March VMARS organised a special net for classic equipment from the 1950's and 1960's. The net took place on the usual 3615Khz frequency used regularly by Society members and AM enthusiasts throughout the U.K. The net opened at 07:30 GMT with VMARS Chairman Tony Barron, G3YYH, at the helm as the net controller. Band conditions were very good and an interesting selection of classic equipment was heard on air. The net closed at 08:30 when the frequency was handed over to the VMARS net controller for  the usual Saturday morning AM net. A recording of the classic equipment net can be heard by clicking here.

The following report of the classic net was submitted by F4VSC in central Brittany, who was running
a Collins KWS-1 transmitter with an RA17 MkII receiver on the net.
Station Transmitter Signal Report Location
Heathkit DX100U 59+10 Nr. Cheltenham
Heathkit DX100U 59+ Kinver
KW Vanguard 59+10 Nr. Swansea
Johnson Viking1
59+5 Nr. Swansea
Geloso 57 East Netherlands
M1PVC Hallicrafters HT37
Ashdown Forest
East Sussex
Johnson Viking Valiant
Collins 32V3
Nr. Swansea
M0MGA DX100U 59+5 Whitehill
GB0YAM Home Brew 8w 56 Yorkshire Air Museum
G6AVI Minimitter
KW Vanguard
Watton Norfolk
G0FGX Heathkit DX100U 59 Helston Cornwall
G3XGW Labgear LG300 59+5 Beckford
G7KYH Codar AT5 57/8 Hook Norton

As well as the weekly Saturday AM nets, VMARS organises a series of occasional special netsthroughout the year for various types of vintage and military equipment . Anyone who wishes to join VMARS organised nets with their own equipment, regardless of whether they are a VMARS member or not, is welcome to call in and give their transmitter an airing. For details of the regular nets organise by VMARS please select this link and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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6th January 2018

Airborne Equipment Net on 3615Khz

On Saturday 13th January at 07:30hrs UK time, VMARS will be hosting a special one hour Amplitude Modulation net for historic airborne equipment on 3615Khz.  The net will cover the one hour period just before the regular VMARS Saturday A.M. net takes place at 08:30. Anyone  able to put a piece of airborne equipment on air, whether a VMARS member or not, is most welcome to join in. If you don't have a siutable airborne transmitter and only have a receiver such as an R1155, feel free to join in with any A.M. transmitter and tell us about your receiver. If you can only receive, just listen to the net and enjoy hearing these wonderful wireless sets in full cry, some dating back 75 years or more. It is expected that several WW2 Marconi T1154/R1155's, Collins ART13's, Command sets, Bendix TA12's and others will be in evidence on the day.

The Net Controller for this event is Paul Craven, M1PVC. These occasional special nets have proved to be quite popular in the past and in order to facilitate the maximum number of stations in the limited time available, participants are requested keep their transmission overs short and limited to descriptions of the equipment and other related information such as historical operational use. Please avoid lists of signal reports as these frequently tend to take up significant time. 

Please join in if you can and enjoy the net.


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 22nd December 2017

Another bumper equipment auction sale for VMARS members. 

Saturday  20th January between 10:00hrs and 16:00hrs at Baginton Village Hall, Frances Road, Baginton, Coventry CV8 3AB. Parking on site and refreshments are available.

Items include Clansman 321, 322, 353, 320 sets, R1155's, WS62's WS18's, WS38's, WS19's, ancilliary equipment and much more. 
This is not a public event and only registered VMARS members can place auction bids.



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11th December 2017

December 2017 -The November edition of SIGNAL has been released. The front cover index is pictured on this link. Members should receive this edition before Christmas



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Opening scene at the popular VMARS auction sale of vintage and military equipment on Saturday 28th October 2017
This was believed to be the largest gathering of VMARS members at any of the auction sales. Many of the lots were in very good condition  and bidding was brisk.

A full report and auction results will be made available in the next VMARS News Sheet

Click on the picture to be taken to a photo gallery of the event

Photo Robin Maddison G0GNE

Bumper equipment auction sale for VMARS members. 

This is not a public sale.

The latest VMARS Auction sale of vintage, military and sundry items of equipment takes place on Saturday 28th October between 10:00hrs and 16:00hrs at Baginton Village Hall, Frances Road, Baginton, Coventry CV8 3AB. Parking on site and refreshments are available. Only VMARS members can place bids.

250 lots, items included in the sale were T1154 transmitters , R1155 receivers, Wireless Sets No.52, R107 receiver, Wireless set 22, Wireless Set 12, Eddystone receivers and much, much more.



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Here are some photographs taken at the 2017 AGM held at RAF Henlow on Saturday 9th September.

A full report on the meeting will appear in the forthcoming News Sheet.

Photo's by Robin Maddison, G0GNE




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***   News item: 2017 Annual General Meeting  ***

On Saturday the 9th of September 2017 VMARS will be hosted by RAF Henlow and the RAF Henlow Signals
Museum, the former by the good offices of the Station Warrant Officer, SWO Gary Owen.


Further information will be published in due course on timings for the AGM and documents needed to enter

this MOD Establishment.

I am pleased we have been able to secure this facility as it will interest many members and it is in a timely as
sadly RAF Henlow is to be closed in 2020.

Stuart McKinnon GOTBI


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Sunday 14th February

The Harwell Radio and Electronics Rally was held at the  Didcot Leisure Centre on Sunday 14th February. As usual it was well attended and the VMARS stand manned by Chairman Tony Barron, G3YYH and member Robin Maddison, G0GNE, proved popular.

Photo's by Robin Maddison, G0GNE

View from the tea shop balcony of the main hall at the Harwell Rally

Members congregate around the VMARS stand at the Harwell Rally



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VMARS Auction held at Baginton
Saturday 24th October 2015

Many members attended the latest Society vintage equipment auction held at the Baginton Village Hall, Warwickshire, on Saturday 24th October. On sale was an interesting selection of equipment, with many bargains snapped up by keen bidders, raising around £3,500 for the families of silent keys. A full list of the hammer prices of each item sold appeared in issue 151 of the VMARS News Sheet for October 2015.

Click on the picture below to be taken to more photographs.



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VMARS at the 2015 National Hamfest

28th September 2015

VMARS were once again present at the annual two day RSGB National Hamfest held at the Newark Showground in Nottinghamshire on Friday and Saturday 25th and 26th September 2015. The VMARS stand was busy for the entire show, with many visitors expressing high levels of interest in a wide variety vintage and military equipment and signing up as new members of the Society.

Exhibitors and traders at the National Hamfest catered for all aspects of amateur radio, from vintage and valve equipment to Software Defined Radio and Satellite communications, along with every imaginable type of support equipment, aerials, services and literature. The show was very well attended and was a great success for VMARS.   

Click here to link to photgraphs on the National Hamfest web site and click here for more VMARS photographs taken at the event.



Top Secret........

Saturday 18th July 2015

Entrance to the former secret nuclear air defence Operations Room at Neatishead.


VMARS held their Annual General Meeting at the award winning Neatishead RAF Air Defence Radar Museum in Norfolk on  Saturday 18th July. About 45 members attended and after some brisk discussion a new Committee was elected. Many Members also enjoyed the Flixton Air Museum Family Day held nearby on the following day, Sunday 19th July. A full report of the AGM will be published in the VMARS Monthly News Sheet. For more photographs click on the newly elected VMARS Chairman Tony Barron's photograph below.

The Museum was opened at 09:30 for the exclusive use of VMARS Members and their partners who were provided with light refreshments following their arrival. The AGM was scheduled to end at 12:45hrs but the lively debates continued until 13:30hrs and were followed by a buffet lunch. The well informed Neastishead museum guides took members on a series of informative and sometimes thought provoking tours to discover the fascinating history of our air defences during the Cold War. For more information about this absolute gem of a museum, please click on the picture below.

The impressive Operations Room at Neatishead as it is today

Newly elected VMARS Chairman Tony Barron, G3YYH
Click on the picture for more photographs taken at Neatishead and Flixton


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