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The News Sheet consists of Members’ contributions (items of news, forthcoming events, reports on events held, help-lines, letters to the Editor), Committee business (formal notices, minutes of meetings), the Saturday Morning Net Controllers Rota, and Members’ advertisements. Advertisements are also accepted from non-members and are identified as such. The News Sheet is published at the end of each month and may be delivered electronically (in colour) or by post on paper (grey scale). Members are invited to submit contributions by the deadline, preferably in electronic form. Images to support the text are particularly welcome. Generally, all material submitted by the deadline (a fortnight before publication) will appear in the respective issue of the News Sheet. Requests to place advertisements should be sent to editor@vmars.org.uk.

In addition to the Monthly News Sheet, VMARS has a highly acclaimed quarterly technical journal, SIGNAL.
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Post War British Defence Radar
June 2015
Foundation of British Radar
May 2015
Marconi's Patent 7777
March 2015
VMARS Valentines Day Event

February 2015
Rebecca & Eureka - Homing In

January 2015
The Alexanderson AC Alternator 200 kW
transmitter at Grimeton

December 2014

Rule Brittania
November 2014
VMARS Members at the
North Yorkshire Moors Railway

October 2014
VMARS at the 2014 National Hamfest
September 2014

Grenadier Day at Aldershot
July 2014


VMARS at Wartime in the Vale
June 2014


VMARS International Landrover net
May 2014


VMARS at the Blackpool Rally
March 2014

Great War Military Communications
March 2014

Australia's Coastwatchers
January 2014

A vist to John Birkett's Wireless Emporium
October 2013

A Fascinating Letter
March 2013


Annual Wyong Field Day - Sydney
February 2013

5MHz AM First Day
December 2012

Wireless Set No 12
May 2012



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