The VMARS display at the 2013 National Hamfest

History, Aims & Activities

The Vintage & Military Amateur Radio Society is based in the UK, but with an international reach. It was set up in 1999 to:
  • Encourage the conservation, restoration and use of ‘classic’ electronic equipment, with a principal focus on wireless techniques, whether applied to communications, RADAR or other pulsed signalling systems—but not neglecting line communication, audio recording, mine detecting and so on.
  • Encourage recording of electronics related history.

Preserve the knowledge and skills needed for;
  • The use of traditional modes of communications, such as analogue AM, analogue FM, and Morse Code by radio amateurs.
  • The use of traditional types of component, such as valves, vibrators, leaded components.
  • The maintenance and restoration of earlier styles of construction.
  • Provide assistance to museums and similar bodies wherever possible
  • Educate and inform the general public about our wireless history.

Society Ethos
The Society has an impressive list of services for Members, and actively encourages all Members to engage in its activities. The Society remains strictly non-profit making. This does not bar those who aim to profit from trading in vintage radio items from Membership, but it does require that all Society policies and activities are run in such a way that individuals cannot readily exploit them to further their own business interests. ‘Traders’ are thus barred from standing for the Committee, for instance.

To view the VMARS Constitution, follow this link.

VMARS Members at the 2014 Annual General Meeting

Society Document Archive
VMARS has an ever growing archive of manuals, circuit diagrams, magazines and other historic literature, currently in the order of 10,000 items that are physically stored in our archive held at the Thorpe Camp Museum in Lincolnshire, once home to the legendary 617 squadron Dam Busters at RAF Woodhall Spa. An ongoing programme of document cleaning, scanning and digitising is undertaken by Society volunteers who then catalogue and index the documents before placing them onto the website for free open access to anyone who wants to use them.

Sales of Equipment and Spares

Member’s only auction sales of vintage and military equipment are a regular feature of VMARS activity. These are generally held at various Midlands locations in order to enable access for the maximum number of members to attend. Sales are usually catalogued with illustrations and the details circulated with the monthly News Sheet prior to auction day. In some instances where very large quantities of equipment are being sold, items are sold un-catalogued and as seen on auction day.

The monthly News Sheet contains member’s sales advertisements for their surplus equipment and spares and there is a VMARS on-line members trading site.
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