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GB0YAM, Yorkshire Air Museum, on the WWII T1154 transmitter
operated by VMARS member Ken Sanderson, G4KCF
and recorded in the South of England

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VMARS Activity - video and sound recordings

SIGNAL & News Sheet related film and audio
The Lorenz Tape Recorder - SIGNAL November 2015 issue 37. Audio from BBC news broadcast circa 1968
The Racal MA4202 voice encoder - SIGNAL  November 2017 Issue 45    Audio clip length 1 minute
Click on the above link to hear the audio clip which relates to the Racal MA4202 voice encoder article  The clip  provides an audio comparison between a statement made in plain language and the same statement made using the MA4202 voice encoder.

For further information on the Racal MA4202 voice encoder please refer to Richard Powell's article on page 20 of SIGNAL, issue 45, November 2017, issued free to all VMARS members.

Click on the picture to listen to the 70th anniversay D-Day commemorative 80m AM net run by VMARS on 6th June 2014. Stations were requested to come on air with vintage military wireless equipment that was in use at the time and to give some background information.
Click here to listen to the VMARS 40m net 6th June 2014

Click here to listen to the VMARS 60m net 6th June 2014
VMARS social and auction event held at Baginton, Coventry 26th October 2013

VMARS at Bletchley Park "Are You Listening?" 4th and 5th October 2013
Vid1     Vid2     Vid3
VMARS at the National Hamfest  on 27th and 28th September 2013
Vid1     Vid2     Vid3     Vid4     Vid5
VMARS at Wartime in the Vale  June 22nd & 23rd  2013  - 30 minute video of the event. Includes footage of the VMARS Saturday AM Net   (Ron Swinburne, M0WSN)
VMARS Auction Sale 6 short video's of auctioneering action  at Baginton on 7 September 2013
Vid1     Vid2    Vid3    Vid4    Vid5    Vid6
VMARS Auction Sale  8 short video's of auctioneering action  at Baginton on 27 April 2013
Vid1     Vid2     Vid3     Vid4      Vid5      Vid6      Vid7      Vid8
VMARS AGM Elvington 6th July 2013 Produced by Ron Swinburne, M0WSN
VMARS at Bletchley Park  1hr video of the VMARS 2010 AGM. Produced by Ron Swinburne,M0WSN.
VMARS Saturday Net   Joe Bell, G4PMY, working the VMARS Saturday net from his Russian  Zil  communications truck on 3rd May 2008
VMARS at Worthing 6 minute nostalgic look back at VMARS visit to Worthing in 2004 (Ron Swinburne, M0WSN)

SIGNAL & News Sheet related film and audio
The Lorenz Tape Recorder - SIGNAL November 2015 issue 37. Audio from BBC news broadcast circa 1968

Vintage & AM Interest
The Tale of the Amplion Loud-Speaker A wonderful "must see" 20 minute film featuring the late Frank Marshall, G2XQ, reminiscing about the early days of amateur radio and his discovery of a unique 1920's Heath-Robinson advertising cartoon film made for Amplion loud-speakers. Frank was a regular on the daily morning AM net on 3615KHz, where he was a noted raconteur, as this film will testify.
The Orkney Wireless Museum   A short 4 minute video of the museum to the musical strains of Glenn Miller & his Band
Tuning In 47 mins.  A 1994 BBC Arena production about Amateur Radio, followed by a couple of shorts, including  the late Gerry Wells, founder of the famous Vintage Wireless Museum, describing his early years of obsession with wireless and his time spent in an Approved School after he was caught pinching a coveted wireless set from the local radio shop.The Home Office featured his case in a public information film about Approved Schools and some extracts from that film are included.

Links highlighted in red have been blocked by YouTube. These are mostly BBC productions on copyright infringement grounds. They will be re-instated where possible.

  Pathe Film Clips
Nostalgic short news film clips from British Pathe News team. Many commentated by the irripressable Bob Danvers-Walker and most aimed at boosting morale. Today's news reporting is dreary by comparison.
Pirate Radio Afloat - 1964 News clip about Radio Caroline
Radio Caroline - 1965 One year on, Radio Caroline is going strong, but this 5 minute short takes a while to get there
Radio Telescope 1960 Short item about the Cavendish Radio Telescope at Cambridge
RAF Mountain Rescue 1950 3 minute film about the team at RAF St Athan
Time Please 1945 3 minute film about how TIM (speaking clock) worked before the advent of the Atomic Clock. A National HRO receiver plays a part.
The Valve - 1942 explanation by Danvers-Walker of how a valve works
Radiolympia Opens 1947  Remember the Radio Show as it was called when it moved to Earls Court? It ended in 1966.
Cold Comfort  1944 Ministry of Information cartoon about saving fuel
Photo-Telegraphy  1948 news short about sendinding photographs by radio
Royal Corps of Signals  1949 recruitment advertisement
Caravan Man   1959 short news film about a very wealthy radio amateur in Poole
Medical Dash 1959 story about assistance by radio in Accra
Royal Signal Corps Morse training  1940  no audio but worth a look
Fall in and Fly  1940 upbeat short about RAF aircrew training
Royal Signals leave boat  1942  no radio but Nobby and Ginger enjoy leave in Cairo. Not the Cairo that I heard about though!
Royal Signals in the Middle East 1942 Signals operations in the desert. Stirring stuff.
Boys in Blue  1931  posh commentry over short film on Royal Navy signal flag training. Note the blue and white flags.How?
Gels in Blue  1950  short news film about WRNS training
Have You Paid Your Wireless Licence? 1950  Quirky public information cartoon
Is it worth it? 1950  Another film urging you to buy a radio licence
Earth Satellite Station  1969 New earth station set up in Hong Kong
RAF Daylight Raid  1942  Amazing news coverage of a raid on the Philips radio factory at Eindoven with Bob Danvers Walker commentary and the RAF March overdubbed. Wave the Union flag.
The Army's Navy  1942 news report on vessels used by the army. Worth watching if only to see the RN ship's captain looking down his nose at his Army counterpart.
RAF Air Classroom  1935 A report on training RAF Wireless Operator/Mechanics. 3 Years?
Cycle Radio  1954  Pretty girl with a mobile receiver on her bike. Eamon Andrews enthuses.
Radio Buses  1950  Control of country buses using a radio command vehicle in a period when country walkers wore suits and ties.
The Wheels Go Around - By radio  1949  "Your message received and understood - over" - George the train driver.
German Spy Set  1940  news of a spy set taken from captured German spies in England

The Great War - A commemoration of the WWI Centenary
The Porthcurno Cable Station -  BBC 15 minute radio broadcast about the Great War undersea cable wars
Admiralty Room 40 Intercepting secret communications in WWI. The Long View  - 30 mins BBC radio broadcast comparing intercepts from 100 years ago to those made today

A superb 1964 BBC 26 Part Documentary charting the origins and progress of WWI. Narrated by Sir Michael Redgrave
The Great War - Episode 1 - "On The Idle Hill Of Summer"
The Great War - Episode 2 - "For Such A Stupid Reason Too"
The Great War - Episode 3 - "We Must Hack Our Way Through"
The Great War - Episode 4 - "Our Hats We Doff To General Joffre"
The Great War - Episode 5 - "This Business May Last A Long Time"
The Great War - Episode 6 - "So Sleep Easy In Your Beds"
The Great War - Episode 7 - "We Await The Heavenly Manna..."
The Great War - Episode 8 - "Why Don't You Come And Help"
The Great War - Episode 9 - "Please God Bring Us Victory"
The Great War - Episode 10 - "What Are Our Allies Doing?"
The Great War - Episode 11 - "Hell Cannot Be So Terrible"
The Great War - Episode 12 - "For Gawds Sake Don't Send Me"
The Great War - Episode 13 - "The Devil Is Coming...."
The Great War - Episode 14 - "All This It Is Our Duty To Bear"
The Great War - Episode 15 - "We Are Betrayed, Sold, Lost"
The Great War - Episode 16 - "Right Is More Precious Than Peace"
The Great War - Episode 17 - "Surely We Have Perished"
The Great War - Episode 18 - "Fat Rodzianko Has Sent Me Some Nonsense"
The Great War - Episode 19 - "The Hell Where Youth And Laughter Go"
The Great War - Episode 20 - "Only War, Nothing But War"
The Great War - Episode 21 - "It Was Like The End Of The World"
The Great War - Episode 22 - "Damn Them, Are They Never Coming In?"
The Great War - Episode 23 - "When Must The End Be?"
The Great War - Episode 24 - "Allah Made Mesopotamia, - And Added Flies Too"
The Great War - Episode 25 - "The Iron Thrones Are Falling"
The Great War - Episode 26 - "....And We Were Young"

WWII Electronic & Countermeasures Warfare
  Malvern 1 7min 38secs. Some wonderful colour film footage taken at TRE Malvern on July 19th 1944 during a visit by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Included are views of the "latest" 10cm airborne radar and names and faces of people like "Dr Lovell" - later Sir Bernard and Mr Rowe - AP Rowe, both giants in the development of radar.
 Malvern 2  3min 29secs.  series of photgraphs of personalities at TRE Malvern during WWII. Obviously for internal consumption at the time, so unfortunately not identified
 Worth Matravers 24 min.  A film about the radar development work carried out at this coastal Dorset location near Swanage until its relocation in 1942 to Malvern as a measure to avoid having secret radar equipment stolen by German parachutists, as the British had just done from the German coastal radar station at Bruneval, near Le Havre. (For details go to this link) Includes training films for Chain Home radar operators and an explanation of how Rebecca - Eureka homing beacons work.
Breaking German codes in WW2 - An interesting Secret War film about the information gleaned from Ultra - German code breaking
Radar Jamming - great picture of a Lancaster dropping Window
Radar Jamming  8 min. US Signal Corps training film on how to deal with radar jamming by the enemy
Battle of the Beams   Secret War. One of the best UK TV technical war series. Begins with the fascinating story of the discovery and contermeasures to the German Knickerbein, X-Gerät  and Wotan beams used by the Luftwaffe as navigational aids for bombing Britain in WWII. The legendary head of electronic warfare, Professor RV Jones, features and.Willam Woolard narrates. This is a video about scientific and engineering warfare in WW2. The program goes on in detail about other German technical developments and the countermeasures developed against them. Broadcaster Raymond Baxter relates how he saw a V2 rocket launching as his squadron attacked a Dutch rocket site.  This is a 5 part series that has been edited together so you will need a spare 5 hours to watch the entire production. If you drop out of the recording your browser should put you back in the same position when you re-visit the site. MUST SEE.
Alexandra Palace beam jamming   Two and a half minute short about Alexandra Palace's role in jamming the German beams
The Bruneval Raid 50 minutes. An interesting documentary exploring the background to the Bruneval Raid undertaken  by the first British Paratroop Commando raid, which was mounted to recover the German Wurtzburg radar station at Bruneval and return it to England for technical analysis. The German bombing beams and their British countermeasures  are also featured in this film, along with other primary and secondary radar developments. Professor RV Jones once more at the forefront. Poor quality video but worth watching.
The History of Radar Technology documentary   A U.S. film covering radar development
RDF (Radar) information Film  Wartime classified "Highly Secret" short introduction to RDF Air Interception. This is a short extract from a longer aircrew training film
The Secret Listeners   BBC-30 mins. The late Rene Cutforth presents the story of how radio amateurs became listeners of enemy transmissions to gather intelligence in both World Wars and reveals, for the first time, what they were actually listeneing to.
Oral History of British Science   Richard Brett-Knowles, G3AAT,  interviewed in 2012 for the British Library collection. Brett-Knowles was a member of the team who developed radar at TRE Malvern in WWII. These informative and interesting insights  total 15 hours of recording.
Over the Horizon Radar   4 mins. A brief film explaining the concept of Over The Horizon Backscatter Radar
Rebecca and Eureka homing system, 30 mins. An Air Ministry colour film about the use of the equipment. Imperial War Museum. This film was made without sound so that it coud be shown using basic projectors. Plenty of screen text to keep yo informed of what's going on.

Bletchley Park:- Home of Code Breakers
1999 Channel 4 TV series about Station X. This is a very informative and interesting series that provides an in depth insight into the workings of Bletchley Park
Episode 1 The Keys to the Reich
Episode 2 The Goose that laid the Golden Eggs
Episode 3 The Ultra Secret
Episode 4 The War of the Machines

 Secret Listeners - National Archves. Fascinating talk by author and historian Sinclair McKay about the people who fed information to Bletchley Park
Lifting the lid on a colossal secret  BBC report - re-enactment of a code breaking exercise using Colossus and the Tunny
Colossus: Creating the world's first electronic programable computer  A highly recommended 8 minute film about the people who built and operated the first ever digital computer.
Bletchley Park Podcast  Audio only Interesting 50 minute programme about the refurbishment being undertaken at BP and the "Are You Listening" weekend in October 2013. Stuart McKinnon is interviewed about VMARS
The Men Who Cracked Enigma  30 minute production made for BBC Worldwide about the German Enigma coding machine
Station X - The ULTRA secret Interesting  documentary about Bletchley Park. Poor quality video alert but worth persevering.
Unveiling Colossus  1 hour lecture given by Professor Brian Randell on the opening of the new Colossus display room at Bletchley Park in February 2013 .  Professor Randell describes his considerable efforts to persuade the Government  to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding Colossus and have it declasssified . He finally achieved his goal in 1975 and went on to uncover the story and publish the details. One or two VMARS friends may be recognised in the audience.
BBC Biography of Alan Turing  1hr 30min.BBC TV biographical  drama presentation with Derek Jacobi and Prunella Scales.

Diplomatic Wireless Museum at Bletchley Park  Dave White, G3ZPA, walks his family round his interesting museum which unfortunately has now closed.

Broadcast History
The History of Radio documentary A view of the development of wireless technology 45minutes  
The World's Greatest Radio Station - Aka Rugby 1932 A 3 minute look at the impressive Rugby Radio Station
The First 1000ft TV Mast - A look at building the 1000ft mast at Mendlesham, near Ipswich in 1959
PYE Cambridge Historical View   A look at the development of the PYE TV camera and some history about PYE. Other PYE products feature.
BBC 648kHz site at Orford Ness    Short film about the Orford Ness transmitting site for the BBC World Sevice to Europe.
Allied 'Radio Aspidistra' of  WWII 45 minutes. Excellent BBC radio docudrama about the Aspidistra propoganda radio transmitter
Aspidistra   Wikipedia link to a description of the Aspidistra "black propaganda" station set up by Britain in WWII
The "new" BBC outside broadcast van 4 minute short description of the 1948 OB setup used for the 1948 Olympics in London - Alexandra Palace Television Society Archive
Saturday Night Out  30 minutes. TV documentary about early live BBC TV outside broadcasts - Alexandra Palace Television Society Archive
The Discovery of Television  10 mins.Part 1/6. 1966 TV documentary made by Mullard
The Discovery of Television  10 mins. Part 2/6  From the Alexandra Palace Television Society Archive
The Discovery of Television  10 mins. Part 3/6
The Discovery of Television  10 mins. Part 4/6
The Discovery of Television  10 mins. Part 5/6
The Discovery of Television  10 Mins. Part 6/6
War of the Worlds  1hr. 1938. A historic broadcast. The original famous recording of the classic radio play with Orson Welles. Many believed that this was a factual report and that it was actually happening. It scared a lot of people and is worth listening to.
Orson Welles 3mins.  Orson Welles recalls the extraordinary reaction to his play, War of the Worlds. 

Covert Wireless
Joan-Eleanor - 18 min. A wartime information film made by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) about the Joan-Eleanor VHF wireless sets developed for communications between agents on the ground and aircraft. Similar function to the S-Phone used by the British Special Operations Executive.
 Numbers Stations - 27min.  BBC radio broadcast about the mysterious numbers stations that used to inhabit the shortwave bands
School For Danger - Now It Can Be Told 1Hr 08m.  A British Government information film about the French Resistance made shortly after the war. The film features two actual French Resistance workers.
John Brown - Designer of the B2 Spyset  6 x 30 minute parts -   Fascinating interview with John Brown, G3EUR, courtesy if the Imperial War Museum
WW2 SPY RADIO SET DEMO  Dave White at Bletchley Park presents the Paraset
THE SECRET WIRELESS WAR  Another short extract from the same 2hr DVD
SSTR-1 spy set   WWII training film for OSS agents and technicians
British Auxiliaries  A BBC morning outside broadcast programme about the planned resistance in Britain to Nazi occupation in 1940. The report is from Coleshill House in Oxfordshire, where the main HQ for the Auxiliaries was located. Includes an account of the hidden wireless communications network. 
Hitlers Britain      A docudrama about Britains secret Auxiliaries set up to resist German invasion. Includes input from people who were recruited into the secret army telling what they were expected to do if invasion came.
The Spies that fooled Hitler  45 minutes.   An excellent Timewatch documentary film about the interception of German Abwehr spies in Britain and turning them into double agents. Operation Fortitude, the plan to mislead the Germans into believing that there was a US 6th Army based in East Anglia ready to invade through the Pas de Calais, in reality non-existent.

.Military, Civil & Amateur Communications
 A gem beyond price: the EF50 Blog from the RAF museum
How the Teleprinter Works 11 mins.  GPO Film Unit 1940
Command receiver or Command transmitter ARC-5 command sets: a lengthy but excellent series of YouTube pieces on the restoration and operation of Command receivers. A bit slow, but the detail is interesting
The Secret Life of Radio     Somewhat quirky, but entertaining  production about the history of  radio
US AM on 3870kHz   This daily AM net can often be heard in the UK in early morning.
AM Transmitters    Heavy AM metal in the US
Hallicrafters HT4 transmitter    WWII US Signal Corps film on the conversion of the amateur Hallicrafters HT4 transmitter to become the milspec SCR299
Technique of hand sending morse    Learn the US Navy way in 1944
Army Morse Code Pt1  If you need to know how to write the letter H, this is the place to learn.
Army Morse Code Pt2   1960's - not much changed from the Navy method
How AM and FM Works  U.S. training film. Poor quality audio
Radio at war     RCA  production about the uses of radio during WWII
Sage early Warning Defence Radar    Not the business accounting system, the IBM early warning system developed in the 1950's 
Wireless Set No.19      7 mins. An American view of this iconic set
Heathkit DX40     10 mins. Burt, K1OIK, demonstrates his 50 year old DX40 
SCR-694 BC 1306 Radio PART 1/3
SCR-694 BC-1306 Radio PART 2/3    U.S Training film of the predecessor to the very similar GRC-9
SCR-694 BC-1306 Radio PART 3/3
History of Wireless   English 7min. Promotional short film from Swedish Ericsson

Civil Aviation
London Airport - Heathrow   Crown Film Unit 10 minutes. Building Heathrow in 1949. Hard to believe that it was small villages and farms. Pubs were demolished! "TransCanadian Charlie Baker Dog clear to land" Not radio but interesting for the aviation buffs
Heathrow - City of the air 1964.   A Rank "Look at Life" programme made for cinema - 10 minutes
Heathrow Control Tower - The Final Salute (1955 - 2013)  10 minutes. Nostalgic look at the old Heathrow ATC tower. Includes an almost tearful radio conversation with the cockpit crew of the last BA Concorde flight from Heathrow and weepy music as the tower is reduced to a pile of rubble When did the Brits become so sentimental?

Royal Air Force 
Knights of the Air 1940-1942  10 minute film of an RAF Benevolent Fund Appeal followed by an overview of RAF operations and "ceasless attacks on the Hun!"
RAF Ferry Command 1942 Pathe news clip about bombers being ferried to Britain from Canada
Youngest VC of the war 1940 Pathe news clip where 18 year old Air Gunner/ Wireless Operator Sgt John Hannah talks about his action. In hospital recovering from burns he received in the action, he contracted TB and was eventually discharged from the RAF as unfit. He died of TB in 1947
 Two Lancasters at sunset 15 minutes. It's been great to see two Lancasters flying together after so many years, and there are plenty of opportunities this summer (2014) to see them for yourself. Here's a good film clip, filmed at sunset over Lincolnshire, with the Spitfire and Hurricane of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.
The story of the TSR2 55mins. Unseen British Aircraft Corporation archive file compiled into a documentary about the fabled TSR2.
The story of the Spitfire 55 minutes. Includes details of the air defence network using Chain Home 
The Lightning Interceptor 1hr 4mins. The story of the background and the development of the Lighning fighter. Some amusing anecdotes about pilots taken by suprise by the stunning performance on their first flight.
Night Bomber  53mins Very rare WWII Colour film of the work carried out by an RAF Lancaster squadron of No.1 Group based at RAF Hemswell, Lincolnshire on night bombing raids. This is a very detailed and interesting film covering an operation from maintenance preparation through full briefing, to the bombing operation itself. A real eye opener to the careful planning involved.Well worth watching.
RAF in the 1960's  9mins. Two RAF Locking  Apprentice graduate radar fitters get their first operational posting at Akrotirie. RAF recruitment film
RAF low flying navigation training film 1/2 - Includes footage of the low level attack on the Philips factory at Eindhoven
RAF low flying navigation training film 2/2
RAF Lancaster intercom chat on a raid  Short intercom recording of a Lancaster crew. Guns can be heard, but no engines, so perhaps a bit of RAF propaganda.
Why We Fight   52mins. 1943. Battle of Britain. One of a series of films made for US wartime consumption. 
PR944  Heart warming 15 minute film about a WWII US veteran pilot being united with 1944 footage of his unarmed Photo Reconaissance Spitfire landing wheels up on an Oxfordshire airfield.

Royal Navy
Victorious Receives New Strike Force - 1966 New Buccaneer aircraft deploy to HMS Victorious
The Battle of the Atlantic Two part documentary about the epic sea battle between the Allies and the German U-boats. Narrated by Tim Piggot-Smith
Atlantic Battle Part 1  1hr
Atlantic Battle Part 2  1hr
The Atlantic War   49 minute documentary narrated by William Woollard. Describes "Huff Duff" (HF DF) ASV radar, the radar controlled Leigh Light and modified H2S radar which finally overcame the U-Boats. Sir Bernard Lovell makes an appearance.
The Battle of the Atlantic 1hr 40mins. A more in depth analysis of the fight against  U-Boats in the Atlantic. Interesting insights into some of the key personalities and tactics involved but not much about the pivotal role of radar.
Wings Over Water   Excellent 30 minute WW2 film about Royal Navy aircraft carriers
Royal Navy Aviation 1960's  9 mins. Short film of Carrier acitivity set to music
Royal Navy  1hr34mins - A 2 part documentary which has been cut together to form a single video about the work of the modern RN. A little outdated due to the untimely removal from deployment of the Harrier VTOL jets which feature in this film. Some interesting operational information.
Operation Pedestal   1hr. Channel 4 documentary about the epic releif convoy of Malta in 1942
"Tiffy" - The Royal Navy Articifer     1952 One for the RN buffs. Not much radio but quite entertaining.

British Army 
History of the Royal Signals 7min. Narrator Robert Powell waxes lyrical 
Operation Varsity 15 minute recording of Richard Dimbleby on board a tug aircraft on the way to the Rhine Landings WWII
Aden Protectorate 1960 Should bring back memories for some
REME Trailer 1947  1 minute advertisement encouraging chaps to join REME
Army of Today 1930 - Short Pathe News 2 minute film about the modern army
Royal Signals Recruitment                                               Royal Signals short video's
Royal Signals: Communication Systems Operator     Modern day British Army signals teams
Royal Signals: Communication Systems Engineer
Royal Signals: Electronic Warfare Systems Operator

Night Mail - Famous 1930's GPO film about the night mail train to Scotland. WH Lauden waxes lyrical - literally.
The Coming of the Dial - 1933   GPO film on the introduction of the dial telephone
History of the British Police Force    1.5hr documentary film used in police training
WW2: Feindlicher Terrorangriff (1943)   15min.  Luftwaffe training film on air defence control (German language)
Amateurfunk 1955  15min. German language 1955 film about amateur radio
WW2 German Radio Pictures    Series of still photographs of German WWII radio equipment. No captions unfortunately

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