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VMARS Members auction 28th October 2017
Photographs by Robin Maddison G0GNE


Newark Hamfest - September/October 2016

The VMARS stand, visited by many members and other interested radio amateurs. KW Vanguard, KW107,
KW Monitor and Sailor receiver and transmitter.

WS19 and (alleged) HP amp; used extensively and successfully on both days. Well done to Ron M0WSN.

Strategy conversation around the WS19 HP rig - thanks to Camb Hams for the aerial.

The WS19 station attracted a great deal of attention and was a wonderful advert for VMARS.

Members using the station.

Saturday 24th October Baginton Village Hall.
VMARS Members only auction of vintage equipment

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September - VMARS at the 2015 RSGB National Hamfest helsd at Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire
Photographs courtesy of Robin Maddison G0GNE

Saturday 18th July - The 2015 VMARS AGM at the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum, Neatishead, Norfolk
VMARS Members and their partners enjoy a convivial evening at the Ship Inn, Dunwich on the Friday evening before the AGM
L to R - Martin M0MGA, Emma, Peter G8CDC, Carolyn, Tony G3YYH, Ian M0YMK, Glenis and Bronek M0DAF

The Royal Air Force Cold War Operations Room preserved at the RAF Neatishead Museum

John Somerville, MW0XHO with Jill & Martin Owen, G4JSX

Outgong Chairman Ian Underwood, M0YMK (Left) with Committee members Pete Shepherd, G7DXV, Bronek Wedzicha, M0DAF and John Keeley, G6RAV

Les Thacker, 2E0IBN, with a guiding hand on flying a Jaguar GR3 Gound Attack aircraft

Chairman Tony Barron, G3YYH and Committee Member Martin Smyth, M0MGA view a model of Neatishead Radar

Forefront, David Smith, G8IDL, flanked by Alf Fisher, G3WSD (Left) and Antony Wedgewood, G0TJD, with Glenis Wedzicha in the background.

VMARS Archivist Colin Guy, G4DDI

Becky Ellis and Bob Tucker, G6AVI with their daughter Connie

Stuart Atkinson, G3YPS with Tony Barron, G3YYH

Left, Martin Smyth, M0MGA talking to Mike Cooke, G4DYC.

Stuart McKinnon, G0TBI with Committee Member Peter Jones G8CDC

Alf Fisher, G3WSD, enjoying tea and biscuits with Antony Wedgewood G0TJD

Left, Les Thacker, 2E0IBN, chatting to Gerald Stancey, G3MCK

Pete Shepherd, G7DXV, with Anne McKinnon, M3TBI

Ian Underwood, M0YMK, Tony Barron, G3YYH and Anne McKinnon, M3TBI

Stuart McKinnon, G0TBI

Honorary Secretary John Keeley, G6RAV

Treasurer & Publications Manager Bronek Wedzicha, M0DAF

Bronek Wedzicha, M0DAF, John Keeley, G6RAV and Peter Jones, G8CDC

Members paying attention!

Paul Whiteley, M0PDW, Gerald Stancey, G3MCK and Ian Underwood, M0YMK

Bronek Wedzicha, M0DAF, carrying the Treasurers report in his "Budget Case"

Richard Powell, M0CFW, Membership Secretary Ron Swinburne, M0WSN and Leon Ellison G8ZDH

VMARS Members put on a display at Flixton

Martin, M0MGA, and Emma take a break at Flixton

Ray Kidd, M0EVK

WWII Airborne Command sets and T1154/R1155 on the VMARS display

WWII Sergeant pilot and his faithful dog at Flixton

VMARS members at the Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum Family Day, Flixton, on Sunday 19th July, following the AGM.

Photographs courtesy of Robin Maddison G0GNE

The 2015 Dambusters Rally weekend
Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd May
Photographs of the evening in the Blue Bell Inn on Saturday and of the rally, which took place on Sunday

Anne. M3TBI, raises a glass in the bar at the Blue Bell Inn

Ian M0YMK - Colin G4DDI - Robin G0GNE

Ron M0WSN - Colin G4DDI - Stuart G0TBI

From L-R -- Ron M0WSN standing on the steps of his K9 - Martin M0MGA - Tony G3YYH - Ian M0YMK - Paul M1PVC

Above & Below  - Inside the M0TCM shack at Thorpe Camp

RAF radio sets from the 1940's - Airborne T1154 transmitter with the companion R1155 receiver
and the powerful Marconi T1509 ground transmitter used by Colin G4DDI using the M0TCM call (Thorpe Camp Museum) on their VMARS 3615KHz net control rota days

2015 St Valentines Day Auction, Luncheon & Presentation
On Saturday 14th February VMARS held their winter auction of vintage and military equipment with Stuart McKinnon, G0TBI, acting as the auctioneer. This was followed by lunch at the Old Mill Hotel, Baginton after which VMARS Publications Editor and Treasurer Bronek Wedzicha, M0DAF, gave a light hearted presentation appropriate to the occasion.

Sunday 8th February 2015 at the Harwell Amateur Radio Society Rally
Tony Barron G3YYH and Robin Madison G0GNE represented the society with the objective of meeting as many members as possible and attracting new ones.  Tony's scruffy, unrestored but unmolested R1155 and Robin's PRC320 were used as set dressing, and each attracted interest in their own way. Tony and Robin chatted with about 20 members, a number of people showed real interest in joining, and three signed membership application forms on the spot... and a number of members were caused to feel guilt as they hadn't yet paid their 2015 subscription (have you paid yours?).

Luke, 2E0HV, pays his subs...

Photographs courtesy of G0GNE.

Friday & Saturday 26th and 27th September 2014 at the National Hamfest

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Saturday August 16th - Worcester Army Commemoration

The event was very well organised, and the depth and width of VMARS' presence served to enhance its reputation. Many thanks to Peter and Pauline for all their efforts.
2/Lt Peter Bannon talking to a member of the public. The uniform is authentic for August 1914, and the blue-and-white armbands mark him as a communications officer.
Peter had put together two displays; one of communications artifacts and a descriptive presentation of communications at the outbreak of the war, and another describing the Falklands War, with displays of Clansman equipment, an L1A1 SLR, and a display of bayonets through the 20th Century.


Robin working 4m from his Lightweight.

Tony with his VRC321. The furthest station worked was near Dundee, on 60m. GB2WAC was the special event callsign organised by Peter.
Another fully-loaded Land Rover from Steve, M6AZK.

2014 AGM - Royal Signals Museum

Above and below - VMARS Members
Nearest the camera David Smith G8IDL and Gerald Stancey G3MCK,
Behind them, wearing a tie is Martin Smyth M0MGA

Above - front row right to left - Ann & Peter Lamb M1AYI, Mike Bayliff M0XGG with his wife and John Sommerville MW0XHO,
Behind them Glennis Wedzicha G6DVU, and Richard Powell M1CFW.

The VMARS Committee delivering their presentations

John Keeley GW6RAV, Bronek Wedzicha M0DAF, Ian Underwood M0YMK and Stuart McKinnon G0TBI

Committee Member Ron Swinburne M0WSN, looking happy
Ron represents VMARS on the RSGB Spectrum Forum

Committee members Peter Jones G8CDC and Pete Shepherd G7DXV looking thoughtful
Pete Shepherd is the Membership Secretary

Chairman Ian Underwood M0YMK

Honorary Secretary John Keeley GW6RAV

Treasurer and Publications Editor Bronek Wedzicha M0DAF

Public Relations Officer Stuart McKinnon G0TBI

Some of the VMARS Group outside the museum
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