Event Management

For VMARS members wishing to attend events as a VMARS accredited display, please read through the details below. Please note that any public displays of VMARS are not permitted without this procedure being completed in full.

This page has been set up to provide information for VMARS Members who are planning VMARS displays at events. Below is a link to the VMARS policy and guidance document. For insurance and administrative purposes, approval must be obtained from the VMARS Committee before any VMARS display is mounted
and all such approvals are subject to the full implementation of the policy detailed in the document.

 A VMARS display requires insurance cover in order to protect the Society from claims made against it for injury or death and in order to validate our insurance  the necessary formalities must be correctly completed. Additionally, the VMARS Committee need to ensure that the type of display being proposed suitably reflects the ethos of the Society.

Committee receive several requests from members each year to run a VMARS accredited display at a local event. These each require agreement from the Committee and the completion of a Health and Safety Risk Assesment in order to validate public liability insurance coverage for the VMARS display and activity at the event.  It is then left up to the individuals concerned to make the local arrangements and to make any requests to the Committee for  specific further support that they may require. This usually amounts to no more than requests for VMARS banners and publicity material, but may occasionally extend to financial support for fuel where specialist vehicles fitted with appropriate radio equipment are to be displayed or to other non personal expenditure. The Committee will make space available for publicity in the Society media and details for publications should be submitted to editors by events participants at the earliest opportunity.

Downloads - please print documents in Landscape
PDF Risk Assessment guide and example completed form
WORD document Risk Assessment form - can be completed on screen before printing

VMARS Insurance
VMARS insurance cover for events is managed through the RSGB Affiliated Amateur Radio Clubs scheme and details can be found on the RSGB website at this link -
Club Insurance - Radio Society of Great Britain - Main Site

Insurance Downloads are available in the Clubs section of the RSGB website. You will need your membership login to access them.

Vehicle and other expense claims
Where a VMARS Member wishes to display appropriate vehicle mounted equipment at a VMARS or an accredited event, the Society may, at the discretion of the Committee, accept claims for the cost of fuel used by the vehicle for travelling from their home to the event and back.
Payments may be claimed by VMARS Members who own the specialist vehicles attending the event. This provision is intended to cover some of the costs of taking specialist vehicles to VMARS accredited events and covers military, civil defence, police and emergency service vehicles designed to be permanently equipped with communications, radar or other equipment which is embraced in VMARS area's of interest.

Members wishing to request financial support for taking specialist vehicles to events are advised to seek and obtain approval from the Honorary Treasurer before the event
. Please advise the details and date of the event, the vehicle being taken there and the distance you will be travelling with it. Please also advise whether or not you are intending to stay for the entire duration of the event.  

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