The VMARS Equipment Directory

This is the start of an ambitious project: to try and make a useful guide to "collectible equipment" - of all types, military, commercial and amateur. This will be a series of articles, giving basic technical details, and a picture to help identify examples of a wide variety of equipment. Plainly this is going to take a while; we have kicked the ball off by looking at a few well known military sets. To ensure that we cover equipment of all types, periods and countries, we will be dependent on input from you, the members.

We warmly welcome contributions - please don't feel constrained to follow our format slavishly, but do try and provide a picture of the equipment, and please keep the length to about half a side of A4.  Items may be sent to:

Wireless set No. 19

Station Radio type C11/R210

Rx type R209 MkII

Rx type AR-88D

Wireless Set No.88

KW Vespa

Heathkit HW series

The Last of the Valved Manpacks; A510, HF156, SR128

Rx type R308

The AN/GRC-106 (and GRC-106A)

Receiver R206 MkII

Receiver type R107

The B70 link equipment

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